We search for familiar flavours, to make you feel at home.

A warm welcome. It's that special feeling of sipping your favourite tea, served just the way you like it.
It comes from the thought that goes into everything you taste and touch. Because we understand that there's nothing as comforting as enjoying the things you love, without having to ask. It's just one of the lengths we go to, to make you feel at home.

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    Discovered during the Sung Dynasty, jasmine tea has been produced for more than 700 years. Plucked as soon as they begin to bloom, these tender leaves are stored in a cool place until nightfall, when they begin to release their fragrance.

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    This pursuit of the perfect cup of tea has led us to the highlands of Fujian, where top grade jasmine tea is grown and ancient Chinese tea-making traditions originate. We bring both the tea and tradition of Fujian onboard to serve it to you in the authentic manner you remember.

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    In Fujian, the altitude at which tea is grown ensures just the right balance of warm days and cool nights, as moisture, rain, sun and shade play a vital role in the quality of tea.

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    Traditionally called Cha Dao, or the Art of Tea, it is this harmony of tea, water, utensils, preparation, environment, and conversation that creates the perfect cup of jasmine tea.

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    Wet jasmine petals are added to dry tea leaves, passing on their oils and fragrance by osmosis. Both blossoms and leaves are then left to gently blend overnight, before being dried thoroughly. This process is repeated several times to ensure the lasting fragrance of jasmine in the tea you've come to enjoy onboard.

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    This premium jasmine tea from Fujian is served across all classes of travel on flights on the China, Hong Kong and Taiwan routes. You can also enjoy other familiar flavours, such as the masala from Assam, or green tea from Japan, or blends specially created by TWG Tea for Singapore Airlines when you fly Business or First Class.

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We search the world for culinary delicacies to give you a taste of home wherever you go.

Our inflight menus are specially created to reflect the culinary influences of the regions that we fly to, so you’ll always have a taste of home, wherever you go. From the elegant tasting menus of the treasured Míng Jiā Zhēn Zhuàn (名家珍馔) to the pre-tea ceremony meal of Japanese Kyo-Kaiseki and the royal Indian Shahi Thali – our epicurean offerings are meticulously created by our award-winning International Culinary Panel.

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We serve you with the careful distinction of a connoisseur, because you're a discerning judge of tastes.

With our certified Air Sommeliers in the sky, each equipped with detailed knowledge of wine appreciation and the art of food and wine pairing, you can be assured that you're served by experts when you fly Singapore Airlines.

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We anticipate your needs, so you can enjoy the things you love.

When you're able to meet the expectations of your customers, that's normal service. However, if there's an opportunity that arises to go beyond the expectation of a customer... to anticipate what a customer wants... To me, that's good service. – Mr. Gevin Quinton Chin, Air Sommelier.

We make a personal reservation for you to try culinary creations conceived by world-famous chefs.

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With Book the Cook, you can choose your favourite gourmet main course from a tantalising selection of dishes, 24 hours before you fly. Choose meals prepared by chefs on our International Culinary Panel, or from one of over 100 Book the Cook meal choices when you fly with us. This service is exclusively available in our premium classes onboard selected flights.

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We turned our lounge into a home, so your warm welcome begins even before you board.

Our new SilverKris Lounges are designed to help you retreat into comforting familiarity. Spacious living rooms and private corners for rest and relaxation. Productivity pods to work in. And in the dining room, tuck into our hearty selection of food, from home favourites to global classics.

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We serve meals on authentic serviceware, because you value traditions.

Each meal is more than just about the food; it's about the experience. Which is why we’ve selected special serviceware from around the world – so you can enjoy the cuisine the way it is meant to be eaten.

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We remember the little things, so you’ll always feel cared for.

The attention to detail makes all the difference. The crew actually remembers how I like my tea and what I like to read... – Mr. Ashok Melwani, Lifetime PPS Member.

We go the extra mile, so you'll always feel at home.

I treat the aircraft as my home and every passenger that walks in through that door is my guest that I welcome into my home.. – Ms. Yvonne Lee, Inflight Supervisor.
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We raised our baggage allowance, so you can bring more with you.

Little things add up. We know that. Which is why we increased our free checked-in baggage allowance by 10kg, across all classes of travel. Because when you’re travelling, the weight of your luggage should be the last thing on your mind.

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We pay attention to the details, so you can look your best when you arrive.

Our stowage areas have been thoughtfully designed to accommodate your personal items right down to the understated coat hook.

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